Fight at Karachi Airport between Umrah Pilgrims – Video Goes Viral

Two families, who just performed Umrah were seen fighting at the Jinnah Airport, Karachi. They returned home from Umrah and fought at the airport for Zam Zam water.

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It is claimed that the families got into a heated argument while on the plane. One of them said to the other that he will deal with it as they land. So when they entered the airport, the families started fighting. And those who had come to receive the families also indulged themselves in the fight instead of trying to resolve the issue.

Here is the video

The video is all over the internet. Here is what people have tweeted.

“At Karachi Airport after return from Umrah. This is a religious lot believe in ritual but no respect for humans.”

“Clash between two families while landed at Karachi airport after performaning umrah. That’s how we normally open our new account!”

It’s just sad that we don’t have the patience to communicate with each other in a suitable manner. There must have been an issue which triggered this fight but fighting like this over a trivial matter is something that is not okay. We, Muslims fast in the month of Ramadan to learn patience and implement it in our daily life. If we have to lose patience, every other day what is the reason to perform Umrah or fast.

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