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FIFA banned Pakistan Football Federation PFF

FIFA the International Football Association has announced on Wednesday that it has suspended the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) due to third-party interference, the ban centered on an internal feud at PFF.

FIFA said PFF has violated our terms due to which we have suspended its membership. All this led to a court to appoint an administrator to oversee affairs in violation of FIFA requirements.

Now, the PFF club teams and representatives are no longer entitled to take part in international competitions until the ban is lifted, FIFA told Reuters in a statement.

Senior PFF official Colonel Ahmed Lodhi said, he has long foreseen the ban due to government involvement in the federation’s affairs. We should be an independent body in the country because FIFA recognize us directly and the government should not interfere in PFF matters, but government intervened in all internal and external affairs of PFF and do not let us work on our own, said Lodhi.

Now we all have to bear the consequences, FIFA does not tolerate violation of their terms hence, imposing a ban on Pakistan membership which is very unfortunate, he added. A similar suspension was faced by Indonesia in 2015 when FIFA suspended country’s Football Association over government’s involvement.

The new restriction comes into play after India an arch-rival hosts under-17 FIFA World Cup. Pakistan hold the top position in Asian Football until the early 1970’s after that it was all ruined due to the inert government, lack of support, poor infrastructure which pushed Pakistan back to the 200th position in FIFA rankings.

However, the football game is getting more popular these days, even the country is nearly obsessed with Cricket.