Fifa 22 Banned Over 30000 Players Online For Cheating

Fifa 22

Some FIFA 22 players don’t take it seriously when it comes to fair play. As the developer has now announced, an exploit was used by tens of thousands of participants in connection with the FUT Champions game event. A ban has now been imposed on 30,000 players.

In the event of a defeat, simply steal from the seat

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Champions brings the idea of ​​the tournament with playoffs and weekend finals to the virtual soccer field. Players can first earn Champions qualification points in “Division Rivals” in order to invest them in playoff participation. Depending on the performance, there are various bonuses and entry into the “Champions Finals” (formerly Weekend League) at the weekend after a maximum of nine games. This is exactly where an exploit has now occurred.

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As the FIFA 22 support channel announced on Twitter over the weekend, a bug had been discovered in connection with FUT Champions that had allowed players to leave games without being counted as a loss. “We are in the process of identifying the players who have taken advantage of this problem and will be in touch with them directly,” said the averaging.

Seven days on the bench

Today the team will be back with an update. According to this, 30,000 active accounts could be identified that had “repeatedly” exploited the error. Apparently, there is no reason for a permanent ban. In order to use Fifa 22 Online, the relevant players must be in the bank for seven days. This means that they are excluded from participating in the FUT Champions Finals this week and cannot play “Division Rivals” games.

A curious bug then causes a real shock for many warned fraudsters. As EA Help confirms, there was a “visual error” in the in-game message that resulted in those affected being shown a blocking period of 1000 instead of seven days. “The correct time is given in the email. Sorry for the confusion,” said the support team to clarify.