FIA Directed to Bring Back Ph.D. teachers from abroad


Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been directed by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Balochistan to bring back the Balochistan University’s teachers from abroad. These teachers went abroad for higher studies and have not returned back home.

The committee was informed by the university official that more than 60 teachers went to different countries to do Ph.D. Out of the total, 13 teachers have not returned yet.

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These teachers are still on the university’s payroll. Thus the Chairman of the committee, Mir Akhtar Hussain Langove has asked FIA to get the details of the teachers from the university and then take necessary steps to bring them back.

He asked FIA to contact the foreign countries’ embassies and relevant consulates to bring the teachers back.

Furthermore, the committee chairman was concerned regarding the indiscretions in the foreign scholarship program funds. He urged the relevant authorities to investigate the matter.

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He said, “The University spent Rs. 10.5 million on each teacher for their Ph.D., but has only received a security bond of half a million rupees only.”

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