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Ferry Service to End on River Indus; Govt Decides

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The Punjab government has taken the decision of ending the ferry service on River Indus, as per the reports of local media on Sunday.

The ferry service linked employees have received notices regarding their job dismissals. The project titled as the “Inland Transportation” by the Inland Water Transport Development Company (IWTDC) was started during the government of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) which costed around 1billion rupees.

The employees staged a protest against the government for dismissing them from their respective jobs owing to the decision. As per reports, a few employees of the ferry service had already been told about the decision some months back.

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The Inland Water Transport Company along with the Punjab Government conducted the trial of the ferry service.

Initially, the service was introduced for the tourists and offered rides between Kalabagh and Attock and later it was further expanded to the other areas. Under the launched service, the resorts were also established on the same routes for the tourists.

With the support of Pakistan Navy, Indus River Channel had conducted an initial survey. Some entrepreneurs from the private sector were given the funding for evaluating the feasibility of this channel while the retired navy officers were given the task of supervising the project.

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