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Ferry Service Re-launching in Pakistan

Ferry Service will be re-launched in Pakistan as Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo said that he will submit the complete Ferry Policy Draft in the next Federal Cabinet meeting for final approval.

Under the draft policy, there will be no duty or taxes on the ferry service. Neither will there be any taxes on the purchase of a ship for introducing ferry services in Pakistan.

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At first, ferry service will be launched from the Karachi Port to Iran, Oman, and Dubai. With time it will be expanded to other routes as well to facilitate the people.

Ministry for Maritime Affairs recommended that in order to promote this service there will be no port charges for 4 to 5 years.

Mr. Bizenjo said that during the era of Musharraf there was a ferry service launched but it was unsuccessful as no rules and regulations were issued to run it.

Furthermore, in response to a query, he said that the issues like immigration and narcotics are also covered in the draft policy, to make sure that there are no gaps in the policy.

He also informed that private companies and public sector of Pakistan can run the ferry business in the country. The government’s role will be minimized to just licensing. Director General (DG) Ports and Shipping will control the whole process. Adding, that Pakistan National Shipping Corporation can also apply to run its own ferry.

Mr. Bizenjo revealed that under the new policy it will be mandatory for foreign to pay the license fee while locals will not be obliged to it.

Those who want to start any dining cruise alongside the coastline will just need a single license. He ensured that all problems have been dealt with and there will be no roadblocks in starting this service as the government also wishes to rapidly launch and promote it.