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Ferrari to Launch its Electric Debut Car After 2025

Electric Debut Car

Ferrari, the Italian sports car manufacturer is likely to introduce its first fully electric debut car after 2025. The news was shared by its boss on Thursday, who blamed the insufficient battery technology for this long wait.

Louis Camilleri told the reporters that they are definitely studying and analysing the fully electric model and for the current foreseeable future, the hybrid versions of the automobiles are the preferred choice.

He also added that his sense in the electric car would be launching after 2025. He mentioned that the battery technology is not where it should be at present.

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He also added that there are still many major issues in terms of the autonomy of the recharging speed.

Earlier, Camilleri had already told the analysts that the customers of Ferrari were expressing great interest in the hybrid models, however, the firm was taking its time with a fully electric car for making sure that such a model would be reflecting the DNA of Ferrari.

On the other hand, as per the latest development, the traffic police have announced officially that it would be taking action against the over speeders and the underage drivers. These instructions have been rolled out specifically for the ones driving within the premises of the University of Karachi.

As per a an official of the police department, people drive recklessly within the university premises without any driver’s license. For controlling the issue this measure has been announced.

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