Federal Govt. to Release a Special Package for Farmers


On Tuesday, the Federal government decided to release a special package for farmers based on an incentive of more relief for the growers who increases the number of crops.

The decision came out during the Federal Cabinet meeting held on Tuesday, where it was directed that a package based on incentives for growers producing more crops would be announced in 2- 3 days.

According to the details, the cabinet mulled over incentives to the farmers including increasing support price for wheat besides also giving funding on seeds and fertilizers.

Moreover, the cabinet was instructed that the package would help the country in overcoming the shortage of basic food items in the country.

It is appropriate to mention here that on August 26, Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to provide the maximum benefit of crops to the farmers by increasing support prices for wheat producers.

A meeting of the Price Control Committee, supervised by Prime Minister Imran Khan which decided to extend the maximum benefit of crops to the farmers by hiking support prices for wheat producers for the coming year.

Furthermore, the meeting also mulled over recommendations and steps to control the inflation in prices of essential items across the nation. It also informed PM on the provincial status of the efforts made to guarantee the same.

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