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Federal Govt to Open Its Guest Houses for Public

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Following the footsteps of the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the federal government of hostel services has taken the decision this weekend to use their guest houses for commercial reasons.

This decision means that the tourists would now be able to stay in the government guest houses at super low costs.

The rent begins from one thousand two hundred rupees per night.

A-category guest houses would also be open for the general public and that too only for three thousand rupees.

Previously only senior government officials and the VIPs were able to make use of these facilities.

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The guest houses in the areas of Murree, Swat, Gilgit, Ayubia and Muzaffarabad have already started using their government reserves for commercial purposes.

Recently, China’s Ambassador to Pakistan made the announcement of the opening of a Chinese Embassy branch in Lahore for providing ease to the citizens is issuing them with the Chinese visa.

The Chinese Ambassador also said on the occasion that there exist well-structured unity ties between the ties Pakistan and China.

He further said that the Pakistani citizens would be given ease in getting a Chinese visa easily as the branch is to be made functional next month.

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