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Federal Government Focused On Revamping Agriculture in Pakistan

Pakistan’s economy heavily relies on agriculture and the major chunk of exports and revenue comes from agriculture. However, the current PTI-led Federal government has exposed the mismanagement and policies of the previous governments in the last 10 years which adversely affected the agriculture sector in Pakistan.

PTI government on their Twitter has posted a video containing statistics and indicators which are shocking, according to the details, there was a 60 percent reduction in agriculture budget during the last 10 years. Due to the strangled production, Pakistan was importing agriculture products worth $4 billion annually despite being a rich country in agriculture.

Government to introduce climate-smart agriculture policy

The local farmers due to these policies were also affected; they started to shift from agriculture to other jobs due to the lack of govt. support, costly fertilizers, and water scarcity.

Agriculture plays an important role in Pakistan’s economy, it accounts for 80 percent of total exports for Pakistan and 18 percent of the whole economy the sector also provides employment to 42 percent of the people in Pakistan. The PTI-led government has started Rs.309 billion initiative in which it started 16 high impact projects with 25 actively working teams. The projects are designed to address the core agriculture production problems in Pakistan along with elevating the standards of local farmers.

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