Federal Government Bans the Use of HID Headlights in Islamabad


Earlier today, the Federal Government imposed a ban on the use of HID headlights in vehicles as the authorities believe they result in road accidents. Section 144 has been imposed by the government on the use of high beam lights in vehicles in Islamabad and also issued a notification regarding this matter.

According to the reports, HID lights not only contribute to road accidents but are also know to short-circuit a vehicle’s electronics. As per the notification, the Federal Government has also imposed a ban on the sale and purchase of high beam lights. Rana Muhammad Waqas Additional District Magistrate has issued a notification under section 144.

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A few months back, the same notification was issued by the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), whereby they warned to take strict legal action against the users of headlights. The news reports also added that upwards of 1700 vehicles have been punished during 2020 for the use of HID headlights.

On the other hand, Farrukh Rasheed Senior Superintendent ITP said that the HIDs are a danger to the traffic as they can frighten the oncoming traffic or the motorist traveling in front of them, increasing the chance of a road accident. He added that ITP will severely deal with such crooks of the traffic discipline.

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