Federal Government Appoints New FBR Chief


On Saturday, the federal government appointed Javed Ghani as the new FBR chief and removed Nausheen Javed from the post of Chairperson Federal Board of Revenue.

Some sources revealed that Nausheen Javed has been removed and Javed Ghani has been appointed in her place as Federal Board of Revenue Chief.

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The appointment of Javed Ghani as FBR Chairman was approved on Friday by the Federal Government through circulation summary, sources added.

It is important to mention that Nausheen Javed was appointed in the Federal Board of Revenue as a chairperson in April when the former chairperson Shabbar Zaidi went on leave due to some health issues for an undefined period.

The appointment of Nausheen Javed was also approved through the circulation summary by the Federal cabinet.

On the other hand, Asad Umar Federal Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives Minister asks the public to follow all the precautionary measures and stay healthy. he suggests people, wear masks, and use hand sanitizers.

He said while talking to the media on Saturday, that everybody has to take care of themselves on their own. If people will neglect the safety measures then it will become more difficult for the government to control the spread of the virus.

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