Federal Cabinet to Donate One-Month Salary for the Construction of Dams

Dam Donation

For the construction of Bhasha and Mohmand dams in Pakistan, every member of the federal cabinet has decided to donate a month’s salary. The caretaker Prime Minister will also donate money for the construction of the dams.

Ministry of Finance issued an office memorandum that stated that “Supreme Court of Pakistan vide judgment dated July 04, 2018 passed in Constitutional Petition No. 57 of 2016 directed to establish a fund in the name of the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Pakistan” for the purpose of collecting donations & funds for dams (Diamar Bhasha and Mohmand ) construction in Pakistan.

Thus Finance Division developed a fund for donation collection and submitted a proposal for the salary deductions from Federal Cabinet members. It was decided in a meeting that took place on July 18th that one-day salaries of officials and two days salaries of the officers working in Ministries/ Divisions/ Departments/ Attached Departments/ Authorities/ Corporations/ Companies/ Financial Institutions/ Commissions will be deducted.

Furthermore, one day salary of the officials and two days of the officers will be deducted of those working under Armed Forces and Civilian Officers and Officials

Those holding a post on contract and lump sum pay package will fund two days salary if officers and one day salary if officials.

It was also directed by the Federal Cabinet that all donations are voluntary. Those unwilling to contribute can inform about it.

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It was further decided that all cabinet members and caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan will fund one month of their salary.

All the donations and funds are deposited in “Supreme Court of Pakistan Diamar Bhasha and Mohmand dam fund”. It is also guaranteed that all the money will be used for dams construction.

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