Federal Cabinet to Consider Proposal to Bring Down Hajj 2020 Expenses

Hajj 2020 expenses

PM Khan would be heading a federal cabinet meeting on Tuesday, where approval would be given to the Hajj policy 2020, as per the reports of local media.

As per the sources, the cabinet would be deciding over the expenses to be incurred on Hajj 2020.

They said that a proposal for lowering down the Hajj expenses by Rs.50,000 to Rs.60,000 would be presented in the cabinet on Tuesday and after approval from the cabinet, the federal minister for the Religious Affairs would be announcing the policy.

On the 23rd of January, the Ministry of the Religious Affairs admitted before a panel of the senate that the Hajj package for this year would cost the pilgrims Rs.115,000 more.

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The concerned secretary informed to the Standing Committee of the Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony that the depreciation of the rupee and the increase in airfares has urged the government to increase the Hajj cost.

The religious affairs secretary said that nearly 179,000 people would be able to go for the holy journey to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this year.

Furthermore, besides the Haj expenses issue, the prime minister would also be laying the guidelines in the cabinet meeting to bring down the prices of the basic items and a major announcement is anticipated after the cabinet meeting regarding this.

They also said that the improvement in the number of utility stores and the cooperation under the Ehsas programme would also be discussed during the meeting.

The cabinet would also be thinking over the current political situation while PM Khan would also be told about the progress made so far in the flour crisis investigation.

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