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Federal Cabinet Bans the Export of all Edible Items

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The export of all edible items was banned by the federal cabinet on Tuesday. This step was taken to ensure that there is enough food supply in the local market amid the coronavirus lockdown across the country. Also, three weeks were given to an inquiry commission that was conducting the forensic audit of recent sugar and wheat scams.

Prime Minister Imran Khan presided a meeting in which the anti-malaria drug called chloroquine was also stopped till its approval by the health ministry.

The newly appointed Information Minister Shibli Faraz said, “In order to ensure sufficient food supplies during the lockdown, the prime minister was of the view that export of essential consumer items should be banned till normality in the coronavirus situation.”

There was no press briefing held following the decision taken by the cabinet. However, an official press release was issued.

The minister also revealed that even though the exports of edible items have been banned, the Afghan transit trade would still continue.

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Another three weeks were given to the inquiry commission to finalize the forensic report on sugar and wheat scams.

It is pertinent to mention here that initially the inquiry report on the sugar and wheat crises unveiled that quite a huge amount of wheat and sugar was sent to Afghanistan. This lead to a shortage of these essential items in Pakistan and henceforth there prices were increased.

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