Federal Cabinet Approves Ferry Service for Pilgrims

ferry service

The federal cabinet has given approval to the launch of ferry service for the pilgrims for offering them an affordable travel option. These pilgrims include both the Zaireen and Hujjaj.

Ali Zaida, the Minister for Maritime referred to the decision of the cabinet as an iconic one and said that the Maritime frontiers of the country are now open for sea travel.

Shibli Faraz, the Information Minister said during his post-cabinet meeting press conference that the federal cabinet has given approval to the launch of the ferry service for the pilgrims.

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He also said that all the essential facilities which include customs and immigration would be offered to the passengers at Port Qasim, Gwadar, and Karachi.

In a tweet, Ali Zaidi said that in pursuance of PM Khan’s vision of blue economy, the federal cabinet has given a permit for the initiative of starting the ferry/passenger ships to all the possible destinations across the world.

While responding to a query, Shibli Faraz said that there was no opposition whatsoever on the matter of ferry service launch in the cabinet, and the decision was taken via a majority vote. However, it was informed by one of the meeting participants on the condition of anonymity that the defense authorities had some reservations on the matter as they were willing to have the service to be confined to local ports and Muscat initially.

Ali Zaidi, back in 2019 hinted about the possible launch of the ferry service for offering economical transport to the pilgrims traveling to the Kingdom for Hajj and Umrah.

He also said that the ferry and the passenger ship services required NOC from the ministry of defense and his ministry had applied for the service.

He was hopeful that travelling to the holy destinations for performing Hajj and Umrah would become economical via this service.

The minister also added that the government would welcome the private sector to run such services which include the one for pilgrims going to Iraq.

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Via Dawn.com

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