Federal and Punjab Govt. Decides to Seal Smoke Emitting Units


Earlier today, the Punjab and Federal government has teamed up and has decided to seal all the smoke-emitting factories in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Director-General of Punjab Department of Environmental Protection Dr. Khurram Shehzad and Environmental Protection Agency Director General Farzana Altaf have approved to form teams. Now, the operation will commence from Monday.

As per the reports, recently in Rawalpindi, 11 stone crushing machines, 50 brick kilns, and 3 tar coal manufacturing centers have been closed.

Moreover, Dr. Shehzad also led a meeting in order to review the course of action carried out against smoke-emitting centers in Rawalpindi.

The teams are going to seal such sites till the 31st of December all over Punjab to control smog.

On the other hand, special teams are formed to have night-squads as many owners open their sites during wee hours while keeping them closed during the day to prevent action.

Furthermore, DG also directed to accelerate action against the burning of crops, medical waste, and other materials that intensifies smog.

Along with this, the environmental protection department is also going to take action against smoke-emitting vehicles in Punjab.

For nearly 2 months, 150 stone crushing machines, 15 tar coal manufacturing units, and 300 brick kilns have been sealed in the district by the Rawalpindi administration in order to control smog.

Around 11 brick kilns, 2 tar coal units, and 6 stone crushing units have been sealed by the administration due to the violation of the government orders.

Previously, a smoke-emitting crackdown was carried out by EPA Deputy Director Amin Baig.

The action was conducted in different areas of the district like; Gujjar Khan, Chek Beli Khan, and Taxila, and many factories and manufacturing units were sealed.

According to Amin Baig, units emitting smoke should be sealed during the winter season to curb smog.

He said around 110 units and factories have been issued with warning notices before carrying out the operation on November 16th.

All smoke-emitting units in Punjab will be sealed till December 31st to control smog.

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