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Federal and Other Province Vehicles to Get Re-Registered in Punjab

As per the recent development the Excise and Taxation Department—Punjab has made an announcement making car re-registration mandatory for the drivers owning cars having number plates of Sindh, Federal, Baluchistan, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for a time span of more than sixty days in Punjab.

Mr Chaudhry Masood-ul-Haq—the Additional DG Excise and Taxation said that the automobiles carrying number plate of Federal or any other province than Punjab would need to get their automobile re-registered in Punjab, if there is a probability that their driving period may exceed from sixty days.

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Excise and Taxation Department collects different types of taxes and duties and recommends options and means for creating additional resources for attaining an organisation in the province.

He further said that it has been observed by everyone majorly that there are multiple cars having numbers plates of their respective province, mostly Sindh and Federal number plates. These vehicle owners prefer paying token tax in their own provinces and do not pay any token tax in Punjab, which is hurting badly to Punjab’s economy and another reason for this new introduction is that if the automobile is involved in any kind of crime or violation then it becomes a tedious task for the authorities to keep a track on them as there is apparently no record of that car in Punjab’s database.

However, no specific date has been mentioned till yet that since when this ruling would come into effect.

This development might not be taken that well by the people in general as it would be adding more to the hassles of common man. Although, the reasons provided by the Additional DG are good enough for the implication of this rule however, there are more ways of recording and maintaing a database of vehicle number plates rather than just releasing the rule of getting the number plate changed altogether.

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