Fear of the Second Wave of COVID-19 Infections


There is a fear of the second wave of COVID-19 infections as six leading food markets in Beijing have closed. Similarly, India which opened up this week recorded the highest daily cases.

Around 6 US states claimed that their hospital beds are filling up rapidly. This has led to concerns and fear expressed by health officials globally. It is being said that some countries that are having devastating economic impacts of the lockdown might lift restrictions too quickly which can have negative consequences.

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 The European Union’s health commissioner Stella Kyriakides said, “We must be ready to roll back relaxation of measures if needed.”

India reopened most of its malls, public transport, and offices this week after almost 70 days.

However, health officials believe that it would take weeks before the rising infection curve flattens. The number of people that have lost their lives in the country stands at 8498, however, the number of registered cases increased by 10,956 on Friday which was a record rise.

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Thus, the point here is that even though countries are easing down restrictions, the fear of the second wave of coronavirus infections is real.

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