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FDE Bought 70 Faulty Buses for Public-Sector Schools

The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has bought seventy faulty buses costing around rupees four hundred and sixty million for the public-sector schools during the very first phase of the Prime Minister’s Education Reforms Programme from a private firm, as informed by an official on Saturday.

The official further informed that the FDE paid approximately above four hundred and sixty million for seventy buses last year to a private firm. After few months of the purchase, ten major technical faults were reported in them.

PMERP was introduced back in the year 2016 to reform and upgrade four hundred and twenty-three schools and colleges operational under the PDE. Nearly four billion amounts were allotted for the program, rupees 1.5 billion was authorised for the purchase of two hundred buses to the educational institutions as informed by the official.

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The last years purchased seventy buses were given to various educational institutions, however, technical problems were reported soon in the making and design of the buses.

The official informed that the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) formed a three-member committee for investigating the mechanical problems in the buses. Out of the seventy buses, nearly forty of them are operational and the rest were secured after the committee observed for decreasing the risk factor on road.

As per the documents, the identified issues in the bus are issues in brakes, front screens, gear oil leakage, roofs, weak engine, gearbox problem, wiper machines, gauge meters and weak Kamani.

The committee also identified that the Kamani installed in the buses was not as per the bus specification while the brake pressure was also not being maintained. Also, the material used in the making of the body of the bus was also defective and water continuously penetrated inside the bus because of the leakage issue in the roof.

The gear shifting was also not smooth and oil seal of the gearbox also had leakage issue. After the committee findings, the finance department of the CADD objected on the purchase of one hundred and thirty more buses, though the purchasing department has already given the contract to the private firm this year in January.

As per the fresh terms and conditions with the firm, all the payments would only be done once the buses are examined completely by the inspection teams, followed by an approval from the competent authority then a performance guarantee to be given from the date of delivery.

CADD also demanded for the availability of spare parts in writing.

Dr Tariq Masood—Director Administration FDE said that the firm has given a one-year guarantee of the mechanical conditions of the buses and FDE would require a performance report once the period is completed.

Additionally, he said that few technical issues were reported which were fixed by the firm in a designated warranty period.

He also informed that a second tender was given to some another firm as it provided lesser rate than the previous firm.

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