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FBR Wants Non-filers to be Denied New Utility Connections

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The Federal Board of Revenue—FBR has asked the Ministry of power to deny providing new utility connections to the non-filers of income tax.

Shabbar Zaidi—the FBR chairman, in a letter to the Minister for Power, has asked help for the implementation of Section 181AA of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, which demands that any request or application or whatsoever for commercial or industrial connection of electricity or gas should not be processed and executed unless the person is an income tax return filer.

The chairman FBR also said that the revenue department has already extended the date of filing the income tax returns for the year 2018 to 2nd of August.

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Shabbar Zaidi has asked the power ministry to issue a direction to the power distribution firms telling them that it is a must to be on the “Active Taxpayers List” for every commercial and industrial electricity or gas consumer.

It is pertinent to mention that because of the efforts of the revenue board; the number of income tax filers has crossed the 2 million mark for the first time ever in the history of Pakistan.

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