FBR to Reportedly Launch a Mobile App

1-page tax return form

A mobile app is to be developed by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) that will assist in filing the online returns with greater ease. The aim is to increase the tax base.

Further, on the databases like the National Database Registration Authority along with the revenue authorities of the provinces, excise and taxation departments, land registration authorities and utility firms will be joined with FBR. Also, FBR would be able to map mega businesses and services through this app.

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In the fast, innovative, tech age of today, everything is being digitalized. Instead of pen and paper, we are moving towards the internet, apps, websites.

Apps can be easily downloaded and whatever an individual needs or requires get accessible. If an FBR app will be launched, people would not need to open their laptops and then file for online returns.

They would be able to easily download the app and then through certain steps file the online returns. It would be simpler, easier and convenient.

Earlier we informed our readers that FBR is considering taxing the smuggled phones. Reason being that FBR believes illegal import of mobile phones in the country by evading taxes put a huge dent on the country’s exchequer. Thus it is important to tax the smuggled phones.

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