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FBR to Launch 1-Page Tax Return Form

1-page tax return form

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has taken the decision about launching 1-page tax return form. As per the provided descriptions the form would be simple and easy to fill.

As per the reports of local media, a senior official of FBR has said that the text of the new tax return form in question has been prepared and it is anticipated to be introduced within next two weeks’ time. He further added that the step has been taken for facilitating the taxpayers.

Once the new tax return form would be launched, the taxpayers would then be submitting their tax return in accordance with the new tax form.

It is also expected that the FBR would attempt to trim down the form for keeping relevant information only.

Presently the tax return forms are so complicated that even well-educated personnel find them tough to fill on their own. They either seek the help of lawyers or chartered accountants for getting their respective forms filled while the ones who have got limited income often decides to choose out of the option of filing the returns if they fail to get any free of cost service either from the neighbour or the colleague.

By form simplification the FBR would be providing a great assistance to these people.

Previously, as per a press release of FBR an offline mode application for filing the income tax return have been introduced.

Iris-ADX (Asynchronous Data Exchange)—the offline app, would help the taxpayers for filing Income Tax return and wealth statement in an offline mode, which means no internet connection would be needed for filing the tax return.

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