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FBR To Bring A New System of Sales Tax Registration

sales tax registration

FBR is all set to introduce a new system of sales tax registration from July 1.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced to automate the system of sales tax registration from the 1st of July.

FBR issued a press notification which stated that the new system would replace the existing procedure under sub-rules (2) to (8) of Rule 5 of the 1990s Sales Tax Act.

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An applicant holding a National Tax Number or Income Tax registration could easily log in to the online portal and then upload a few required documents or information needed for the registration of sales tax:

  • Confirmation certificate of a bank account on a business name, the one issued by the bank itself
  • Electricity or gas supplier along with the consumer name or registration number
  • In case of multiple branches at different locations, all the particulars should be provided of all the branches
  • GPS-tagged pictures of the business premises
  • GPS-tagged photos of machinery and industrial electricity or the gas meter installed, in case of a manufacturer

Once these documents are provided, the system would automatically register the applicant for sales tax.

After getting registered the authorised person would need to pay a visit to the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) e- Sahulat centre within a month’s time for biometric verification.

In case of failure to getting biometric verification done, the person’s name would be taken off from the list of Active Taxpayers.

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