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FBR reportedly sends notice of tax evasion to Saba Qamar

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has reportedly summoned actress and film star Saba Qamar for evading taxes, she was ordered to appear before FBR on May 16—according to the report on Thursday.

The FBR has reportedly sent a notice to the actress Saba Qamar in order to explain the discrepancy in her filed income taxes. According to the sources FBR is in the process of auditing her income tax filed for the year of 2014-15.

The source claims that “Saba Qamar’s filed income taxes do not match her lifestyle”

The actress has been asked to provide details about her assets and foreign tours, FBR will conduct the further investigation after receiving the details presented by the accused. FBR will start the audit for the year 2015-16 and 2016-17 after settling the current year being audited, sources said.

However, Saba Qamar denied receiving any notice from FBR. She further said, this happens every year and I am now used to it. In September last year, FBR in a statement said Saba Qamar had been found to be a tax evader. The FBR claimed that the actress was found to have defaulted on tax worth Rs3.4 million. It was also stated that the board had sealed the actress’s house when she did not respond to the notices.

However, Saba Qamar also denied the reports saying her house was never been sealed neither her bank accounts were frozen. She said she is a genuine tax filer, and it is quite disappointing that news channels are disseminating the information without any authenticity; they are just spreading the rumors.