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FBR Offices to Remain Open After Closing Time on June 29,30

FBR Offices

FBR offices to remain open after closing time on the 29th and 30th of June.

As per the media reports, the Federal Board of Revenue has given directions to its offices instructing them to stay open even after their closing time for 2 days that is on the 29th June and 30th June.

The orders have been issued officially to the board directing their custom offices to keep on operating till 10 pm on the 29th of June.

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Those who collect taxes are ordered to stay on their duties too so that those people who intend to file for tax and to declare their assets could avail the benefit of the late operational duty hours. For 30th June it is being directed that the offices will remain open till midnight.

Shabbar Zaidi, chairman FBR gave hopes to extend the deadline for the scheme of assets declaration. And according to his own statement that scheme will expire on 30th June.

In order to help in finding and withdrawing the legal irregularities and technicalities in the financial bill of 2019, the chairman FBR structured a committee on 18th June.

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