FBR Collected Rs. 1.686 Trillion During the First 5 Months of FY21

FBR’s total tax collection for the period July-November recorded Rs. 1.686 trillion which is above their preset target of Rs. 1.669 trillion.

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FBR successfully achieved its 5-month target by collecting a total of Rs. 1.686 trillion taxes. The period under consideration was from July to November and belonged to FY21.

FBR was somewhat behind their target during November this year, when their target was to collect Rs. 348 billion while they collected Rs. 346 billion. This, however, is 3% higher than the collection of the same month in the previous year.

The overall collection of FY21 is Rs. 17 billion higher than their initial target of Rs. 1.669 trillion.

The total income tax collected this year, so far, is Rs. 109 billion. While the sales tax stood at Rs. 173 billion in November, with an increase of 14% as compared to the tax of the same month last year.

Additionally, FED witnessed a dip of 18% i.e. the collection was only Rs. 27 billion, and the customs taxes recorded a 4% increment amounting to Rs. 57 billion.

The target of the first 4 months was to collect taxes of Rs. 970 billion however, the body overachieved their targets and recorded a total collection of Rs. 1004 billion (Rs. 1.004 trillion)

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