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FBR Chairman Announces the Launch of a Faceless Audit System in 2020

faceless audit system

Shabbar Zaidi—the FBR Chairman has said that they are working to make the tax-collecting body faceless, thus making lesser contact between the tax officers and the masses, as per the reports of local media.

He said this while addressing an event at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan—ICAP that they only way forward is to adapt to automation and to make use of technology in collecting taxes.

He admitted that the lack of confidence between the masses and the tax authority is the main hindrance in improving the tax filers across the nation. Zaidi said that there is a need to improve the perception of the revenue board.

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He also said that the online systems would be reducing the harassment from the FBR officials and would be improving the trust level on the FBR.

He added that they would be launching a faceless e-audit system in 2020. He said that presently they are in the process of simplifying the tax systems with the support of the World Bank.

The FBR chairman said they were working to form a data bank in the tax authority targeted at gathering all information on the tax filers, which are not disclosed in their income tax returns.

This data bank would be forcing the people to disclose their entire information in the tax returns, the tax-collection authority chief said that adding that even in the US people are afraid to hide their assets quoting the government action.

He further called for strict action against the misuse of the Afghan transit trade and said that it has resulted in huge losses in revenue for the nation.

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