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FBR Brings More Ease To Tax Fillers For Filing Tax Returns

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The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has come up with an easy and tremendous facility for those who submit online tax returns. A statement issued by the spokesperson of the Federal Board of Revenue said that the FBR has released the online income tax return forms for the financial year 2020 on its website.

According to the statement, the income tax form has been made easier and simpler for salaried and small business owners as such people will now have to provide basic information on a single page for filing returns.

According to the announcement, income tax returns can be filed through the FBR’s online web portal or the Tax Asaan app. The statement form has also been simplified so that returns can be submitted without any hassle.

According to an FBR spokesperson, income tax returns can be easily filed with the online guide. The agency has made the required information very easy to understand keeping in view the difficulties and confusion of the citizens, tax returns can also be submitted by phone.

A spokesman for the Federal Board of Revenue said: “An advertisement campaign will be launched to guide taxpayers on filing income tax returns. Returns can be submitted on their own.” At the same time, the FBR has set up convenience desks for taxpayers in all field offices while the system has been upgraded so that citizens can easily file their income tax returns by September 30.

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