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FBR Asks Provincial Govts to Deduct and Deposit WHT the Same Day


The Federal Board of Revenue—FBR has asked the provincial governments to deduct and deposit the WHT on the same day.

FBR has reached out to the provincial governments to try and make them deduct and then collect the withholding tax amount at the time of making the payment on the provincial level contracts.

As per media sources, the FBR has contacted the provincial governments under the section 153 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, which mentioned that the provincial governments are asked to deduct the WHT from the gross amount payable at the rate provided in the first schedule.

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The revenue board in their messages to the provincial governments also emphasized that the regime of holding on to these taxes should no more be every day and indicated that under the law the provinces are supposed to submit the taxes to the board on the same very day.

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