Faysal Bank Accounts skimmed by hackers

ATM skimming incidents are not over yet, another incident has surfaced and this time the target was Faysal Bank. Third year in a row, the accounts of Faysal Bank customers have been attacked. In December 2015 and June 2016 Faysal Bank accounts were previously hacked and now as per social media reports, the bank has once again suffered from a breach.

After this incident, the bank has blocked the ATM cards of those customers’ whose accounts are suspected to be attacked. The official from Faysal Bank has denied this news of any fraudulent activity in the bank in Karachi and Lahore. As per a local newspaper, it is confirmed that the breach happened from Industrial Branch near Hussain Chowk in Lahore.

It is not yet confirmed that how much amount has been stolen and how many accounts have suffered.

It is pertinent to mention here that a few days ago a huge ATM skimming attack took place on Pakistan’s biggest bank HBL. It took place at Dolmen Mall Clifton ATM where in just a few hours hackers took out Rs 10 million from customers’ accounts.

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Skimming incidents are almost happening at every Pakistani bank and its reason is simple, the lack of security. At a smaller scale, Askari bank also got hit for which the bank immediately took action and asked its customers to change their passwords if they want to do any transactions.

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