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Faulty iPhone’s charger killed a 14-year-old girl

A 14-year-old girl died due to electric shock by a faulty iPhone 6 charger cable. Le Thi Xoan was sleeping on the bed and rolled out on the charger’s cable while it was plugged in.

According to the details, the charger’s cable was damaged and was temporary with a piece of tape. According to the Police, the cable was burnt just next to her bed and the slight tear in the rubber casing may have exposed her to naked wires inside.

The parents found their 14-year-old girl unconscious and take her to the local hospital where doctors declared girl dead. According to the investigation officials, the might be laying her iPhone on the bed and put it for charging every night. The cable of the charger is being inspected by the officials but authorities are yet to decide whether it was the original cable of iPhone or a third-party device.

However, the burnt cable seems to be shorter than original iPhone’s 20-inch changing wire in a picture. It can also be seen easily that a transparent tape wrapped around the cable.