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Father Tied Daughter to Motorcycle to Drop Her to School

The world is full of surprises and strange occurrences. Very recently, it was a shocking moment for all when an angry father was seen driving his strapped daughter to the back of a motorcycle through the streets of southeast China to drop her off at school.

The reluctant girl could be heard crying and wailing while having her body tied to the seat and her legs dangerously swinging as her father drives.



The video was shared online via social networking platforms and as it started getting viral web users started accusing the father of putting his daughter in such a dangerous situation. Local police found the man and issued him a verbal warning.

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The incident occurred on the street of Yunfu in the Guangdong Province on the 23rd of April.

A mobile phone video captured a man dangerously driving a young girl, apparently his daughter on a motorcycle through the busy streets towards the school.

The unnamed girl had her back tied to the back seat of the bike and had her feet swinging in mid-air.

As per the Beijing News, after reviewing the video the Yunfu police found the motorcyclist. It is confirmed that the man and the young girl share a father-daughter relationship.

The unnamed father in his justification explained that he had to forcefully drag his daughter to school. He got angry and then took this decision to strap her on the motorcycle and drove her then to school.

Yunfu police gave a verbal warning to the father and reminded him that such actions could cause injury to the girl easily so should not be practised in future.

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