Father Throws Party After Son Failed 10th Grade Exam

A man in the region of Madhya Pradesh—a central Indian state organized a lavish party for his son who failed in his tenth-grade board examinations.

Surendra Kumar Vyas—a civil contractor by profession in the city of Sagar in Madhya Pradesh while conversing with Times of India said that this is his way of motivating his son. He said that after failing in examinations children feel down and go into depression and some of them even take extreme steps by deciding to end their lives. He said that he wants to tell all such children that board examinations are not the last exams, there is much more to come in life.

He added that my son could reappear in the examinations next year.

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The boy—Ashu was rejoiced with his father’s gesture and applauded it. He promised that he would study harder in the next academic session, so he could easily pass the exams with amazing grades.

A large number of guests were invited to the party including the neighbours and friends. The party also features a DJ and extensive fireworks.

This definitely is a unique gesture displayed by a father for his son who flunked in his exams, however, the gesture is indeed appreciable. This is a reality that students suffer from severe depression because of many reasons but majorly due to pressures—parents’ pressure for scoring the best marks, teachers’ pressure, societal pressure, etc. Amid all the pressures children really need their loved ones to show them the support they need.

Surendra Kumar Vyas has for sure set an example and has given a good message for all the parents and children out there.

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