Father develops an App which locks kids phone until they reply back

To all the parents who are wary of their kids not replying them back and are looking for a solution, here is one.  Nick Herbert has developed an app that compels the kids to reply backs to the text messages from their parents. The app is called ReplyASAP and it does stop the kids from ignoring the messages by their parents. Herbert got the idea to develop this app when his son got a phone.

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Herbert said,  “I just found that my messages and calls tended to get missed quite a lot because he got a lot of social media notifications.”

Herbert said as people tend to receive a lot of notifications daily, it isn’t easy to get your message noticed. So in order to ensure that his son notices and replies to his message he developed an app.

Through the app the message can be sent that will be displayed at the top of the screen of the receiver before anything else. Also even if the phone is one silent, the message will set off an alarm on the phone.

Then the recipient can either cancel the message, snooze it or reply to it. Also the sender will know when the message has been viewed.

It is important that both sender and recipient have the app for it to work. The app is available for Android users and it will be soon listed on App Store.

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