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FATF Assigned 2 Actions Plans to Pakistan

FATF assigned 2 actions plans to Pakistan. These are tougher than ever and never before have been assigned to any other country..

FATF gives 2 action plan to Pakistan. One of them is harder than any of their previous plans to any other country.

In a recent tweet, the Federal Minister for Industries and Production, Hammad Azhar said:

The minister told that the laws passed through the parliament focus on both October evaluation and upcoming evaluation planned mid next year, whereas, the legislations reflect clearance of the backlog of the last 10 years.

He also added that Pakistan’s legal effort was appreciated as a role model for other countries to follow during the plenary meeting of FATF.

The minister said that the government is now focusing on the implementation of the laws for the effectiveness of the evaluation planned ahead.

The FATF committee had acknowledged Pakistani efforts in curbing all the erstwhile concerns flagged by the global terror-financing watchdog and has extended Pakistan a period until February 2021 to satisfy all of 27 concerns.

According to the Finance Ministry, Pakistan has already made progress on all 27 points of the action plan recommended by the FATF to exit from the grey list.

It’s also reported that the member states appreciated the progress made by Pakistan and the country has taken comprehensive action against hawala and hundi setup, currency smuggling, and financing of the terrorists.

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