Fatality Rate of Coronavirus Varies between 0.4% to 4%

Depending on the region, the fatality rate of Coronavirus varies between 0.4% and 4%. Areas that are not able to handle many patients, the death rate can spike in those areas. Coronavirus is spreading in regions that were not affected earlier, causing heightened fear and panic.

Based on the region and safety precautions made Coronavirus (COVID-19) fatality can vary. Thus, making an established unified death rate of the virus is impossible.

Now as per the official data from the Chinese government and the Hubei province, the fatality of coronavirus in Hubei is 4%. Then the fatality rate in Tianjin, Hainan, and Xinjiang is 2.2%, 3%, and 3.9% respectively.

It has been widely reported that the fatality rate of coronavirus ranges from 0.4 to 1%.  But as it can change from a factor of more than four on the basis of the region, we can not accurately confirm the death rate of coronavirus to be 1%.

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As per top virologists and scientists at institutions in the U.K. and Hong Kong, the peak of the virus will hit in May.

It is pertinent to mention here that the virus is spreading in China, Iran, India, South Korea, Japan and has reached Pakistan as well. Recently, we reported to our readers that the 5th case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Pakistan.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health, Dr. Zafar Mirza stated, “We have now the fifth confirmed case of COVID19 in federal areas. The patient is stable and is being managed well. I request the media to respect the privacy of the patient and the family.”

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