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Faryal Makhdoom apologizes for using racial slur in Instagram post

Faryal Makhdoom

Boxer Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom have regularly wound up in the midst of debate. From their divorce declaration a year ago to the couple having their second child in April 2018, Amir and Faryal have figured out how to dependably make it to the highest point of the features. Much to nothing unexpected, spouse of the British-Pakistani boxer has arrived in yet another calamity.

On August 14, Faryal Makhdoom posted a photo of herself on Instagram that she calmly subtitled “The p*** within me”, alluding to the racial slur utilized as a part of the UK to refer to Pakistanis. The utilization of the P-word goes back to the 1960s connected to viciousness directed to individuals of South Asian ethnicity.

Faryal got slack from her supporters for utilizing the ‘derogatory term’. One follower stated, “Disgusting for you to use the word p***. It’s a term used by racists and not something to be proud of.” Another commented, “I’m seriously astonished that you resorted to using that word. Please see a shrink.” One stated that it’s a word used to insult and target Asians and the people of Pakistan.

While many rushed to slam the 27-year-old, some went to her defence. A user clarified, “She is a Pakistani. She can call herself whatever she wants so leave her alone.” Another added, “False indignation over a non-issue is what this is. She’s Pakistani – she can say it if she wants.”

The feedback on the caption incited the mother-of-two to issue a brisk expression of remorse and change the content of her post.

In an Instagram story that has now been erased, Faryal expressed, “Huge apologies for any offence caused. As a Pakistani myself, I don’t deem shortening the word offensive, especially as we use it so openly in the US. However, I totally understand why it can be perceived that way. I didn’t mean any harm whatsoever.”

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