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Farmers in Punjab will now use Drone Technology

Punjab government is allowing the farmers to use drone technology to increase output, boost agriculture and overall uplift the economy.

Those farmers who are ready to use drone technology would have to submit an application for the permit. This application will be submitted to the Deputy Director of agriculture. First, the farming land will be analyzed and if approved the permission letter will be granted to the respected farmer.

In order to understand how drone will affect the whole farming procedure, we need to first understand what is a drone? It is an aerial vehicle or an aircraft without any man. So in easy terms, it is a flying robot that can be controlled remotely or it can fly by itself by using its GPS and sensors.

Drones can be a huge leap in farming sector of Pakistan as farmers can have a whole survey of their land, find out which area needs spraying and know about any geographical or weather changes in the area. The drones can collect biological and environmental data and through that data, the quantity and quality of agriculture foods can be increased.

In short save time, cost, labor, water and bring betterment in irrigation system via drones.

Pakistan’s economy relies on agriculture. So it is important that our farmers can relate to the technological advancements. They should know how technology can be incorporated in agriculture to increase yield. There was a time when ‘tractors’ was an alien concept and people were not ready to change the old traditional system and use tractors for plowing and planting. But they adopted with time.

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Right now drone is a new concept. It will take time for farmers to understand it and adapt it but quite clearly it is the future of farming.

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