Fans of the movie Joker walk out of cinemas mid-movie

A drama/thriller movie of the year, Joker is already in cinemas but some of the viewers found this movie too scary and decided to leave the cinema hall before ending the movie.

Joker was released on Friday and it has been reported that several viewers walked out of the theatres midmovie as they found it “too dark and scary”.

People are sharing their thoughts about the movie on the social networking platform Twitter.

Another viewer said;

A viewer shared his thoughts and said that his mind and body didn’t recover even after 12 hours of walking out of the cinema hall.

Despite the controversy, violence, and security concerns, the movie laughed its way to a new record at the domestic box office. Joker scored 93.5 million dollars over the weekend.

The R-rated comic-book movie becomes October’s biggest launch of all time as of now.

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