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Famous Dubai Maraheb restaurant launching in Pakistan

For many food, is just a necessity of life, but for Pakistanis food is life. The availability of good food is extremely important, as it can affect the mood, work, and relationships of all in general, & Pakistanis in specific. Thus you will always find well-reputed restaurants with superb ambiance & amazing food quality always filled & overcrowded.

Now a famous Dubai based restaurant Maraheb restaurant is launching in Pakistan. For Pakistanis, United Arab Emirates is more like a second home. Many of us would have visited or lived in Dubai multiple times and might have visited the popular Yemeni Maraheb eatery.

If you have missed it, no worries. As Maraheb is soon making its way into Pakistan. The place is known for its amazing meat dishes. The first branch of Maraheb restaurant will launch in Bahadurabad, Karachi. The branch will be located immediately next to the Swenson’s Icecream parlor.

The signature dishes and specialty of the restaurant will be part of the menu including the Zorbian Meat, Madfon Meat, and Mandi Meat. The restaurant is opening next month and it will surely create further competition in the food industry of Pakistan.

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Earlier we told our readers about a restaurant in the plane that has launched in Chitral. The re-purposed PIA AP-ALN Fokker plane was redesigned as the restaurant. It was parked outside an area in Balach, Chitral.

With the launch of new interesting local & international restaurants, competition will increase & quality of food will further improve.