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Famous Brand Elan Used Real Snake Skin in its Products & Pakistanis are Not Happy

Elan is one of the most popular clothing, accessories brand in Pakistan and around the world. The unstitched lawn, silk collection, bridal wears, ready-to-wear line symbolizes elegance, magnificence, and luxury.

Despite the brand’s popularity, it has come under fire due to its most recent luxury bag collection, ‘Sauvage Coeur’. The brand is being highly criticized for using real snakeskin for its products.

Elan promoted its new collection and said, “Crafted from premium skins and accented with ornate embellishments, Élan’s limited edition exotic handbag collection Sauvage Coeur’ classic in appeal, exude both opulence and finesse. A masterclass in decadent and modern accessorizing, these handbags are guaranteed to transport your wardrobe to new heights. ”

Elan tweeted, “Imbued with Italian sophistication, this bag from Élan’s Sauvage Coeur collection brings a touch of subtle chic to your new-season portfolio. Expertly crafted in Italy from smooth lizard leather, it is the perfect compact accessory to house your essentials.”

Pakistanis have openly disapproved Elan for promoting the fact that it is using Premium Skins in its bags. Animal cruelty in the name of fashion is not accepted and it is a good sign that Pakistanis are not ready to embrace it. The elite class that can afford such bags don’t care much about the price animals pay for it. However, people who have realized it are speaking about it, depicting the insensitivity of Elan.

Sharing some tweets by the people who have spoken up against Animal cruelty by Elan.

Sadly, there were other comments and replies on these posts that have been deleted.

No statement has yet been issued by Elan regarding this whole controversy but the way Pakistanis have taken a stand against this issue is commendable.

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