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Fake News: Photo of Indian airstrikes in Balakot is from 2013 Quetta bombing

Indian airstrikes in Balakot

Various online networking posts share a photograph they guarantee a mass grave being dug in Pakistan after Indian airstrikes in Balakot.

The photo of Indian airstrikes in Balakot is fake; the photograph really shows a grave being dug in February 2013 in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta for the casualties of a market bomb focusing on Shias.

The picture, which has been shared in excess of multiple times since it was posted March 3, 2019, indicates individuals burrowing a mass grave as a group watches. The Hindi-language inscription says: “Mass graves are being dug in Pakistan for past 4 days, even then you are stuck on the proof.”

India claimed on February 26, 2019 that it had completed airstrikes murdering an extensive number of extremists in Balakot. The equivalent deceiving photograph and claim have additionally circulated on Twitter.

A Google reverse image search found the photograph really indicates individuals burrowing graves on February 17, 2013 for casualties of a bomb assault in Quetta.

A report by the New York Times on February 17, 2013, conveys an Associated Press photograph of a similar mass grave from a somewhat unique edge.

The following is a screen capture looking at the two pictures. AFP has circled key recognizing markers that are the equivalent in the two pictures, including an undertaker, a van with a satellite dish, and a rough structure out of sight:

Here is a screen capture of the Associated Press photograph, credited to picture taker Arshad Butt, on the AP site:

The inscription says: “Pakistani men prepare the graves of Saturday’s bombing victims in Quetta, Pakistan, Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013. Angry residents on Sunday demanded government protection from an onslaught of attacks against Shias, a day after scores of people were killed in a massive bombing that a local official said was a sign that security agencies were too scared to do their jobs. (AP Photo/Arshad Butt).”

A similar scene was caught by Reuters photographer, Naseer Ahmed around the same time. The following is a screen capture of the photograph on the Reuters site:

Below is a screenshot comparison of the misleading social media photo shared and the photo of the same grave captured by Reuters. AFP has circled in red three men who are seen in both pictures:

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