Fake Canada Visa Lottery 2018 is being promoted in Pakistan

You might come across WhatsApp messages, emails or text messages from your contacts or unknown number to register for Canadian Visa Lottery 2018. It sounds really attractive to get a foreign permanent visa but it could be quite damaging for you.

Beware of the Scam

All those promotional messages and website links are fake, do not put yourself in jeopardy by clicking the links provided in the emails, messages or in any other form.

Fake Websites

There are many fake websites out there which claim to provide information on how to apply for Canadian Visa Lottery, these websites are fake and have no association whatsoever with legitimate Canadian government sites or immigration services.

Here is the list of few websites you may come across






Why the Websites Providing Fake Information

These websites trick users and take them to malicious sites which inject malware into your system and steal your personal and sensitive information. The websites tend to install a virus/malicious software in your mobile or computer to compromise your device.

Another motive could be stealing your personal information when you click on the link and it takes you to the form which you have to fill in order to apply, the personal information you put into the form is stolen by this website and they can use this information for their benefits.