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Faisalabad Store Providing Free Clothes to The Poor

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The increase in inflation has made it impossible for the poor to survive. Eid is an Islamic festival for all the Muslims of the world for which they prepare themselves with new clothes and stuff. But the poor are unable to afford new clothes due to high prices.

So, keeping those in mind, a cloth shop in Faisalabad D-type is providing free clothes to those who cannot afford to buy clothes for themselves.

 The shop owner, Usman said on a program aired on a local news channel that they have placed a poster outside the shop which says that if you cannot afford to buy new clothes take them for free.

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According to him, people come to the shop, take a look at the price tag and leave the shop.

The shop owner got the inspiration from a family who visited once as their kids were forcing to buy new clothes for the festival, though the kids’ parents cried in front of the owner as they didn’t have enough money to buy their kids new clothes.

After this inspirational event, Usman discussed his idea with his family and decide to allocate a budget from which he would give new clothes to the poor for free.

He asks the people who can manage to survive easily with this inflation to divide their budgets too and give half of it to the poor and needy and make their Eid special.

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