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Faisalabad Airport to Get Self-Check-In Kiosks

self-check-in kiosk

In a bid to update and revamp the facilities at the Faisalabad International Airport, the administration is in the process of introducing self-check-in kiosks for facilitating the passengers.

The kiosk applications are being put up in both the local and international halls for saving the time and efforts of the passengers. Using the kiosk, one would be able to identify oneself with one’s passport or ID, print the boarding passes, confirming flight information, reviewing the seat arrangements.

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The kiosk also reveals about the checked-in bags.

The facility of these self-check-in kiosks at the airport would be greatly enhancing the efficiency of operations and improving the customer experience. With a surging number of people making use of air travelling mode of transportation, congestion has become a significant issue at all the big airports and kiosks could help in curbing it.

The terminals are anticipated to go online in the coming future following in the footprints of developed nations that have changed the operations at their airports.

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