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Faisal Movers Now Start Naran-Hunza Trip in Rs.1,790 from Islamabad

Faisal Movers

Faisal Movers is to start Naran-Hunza trip in Rs.1,790 from Islamabad.

Faisal Movers has just made the announcement of starting new routes in hopes of assisting the government to promote the tourism sector in Pakistan.

The bus service which is very popular among the travelers would be launching new routes from the federal capital taking people to the Northern Areas of the country.

Earlier, anyone willing to travel to Naran or beyond would have to arrange for a private automobile which is usually not that comfortable and is below the expected standards.

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As per the Faisal Movers, the fares for the following locations are as under:

  • Islamabad to Naran—Rs.1,790
  • Islamabad to Babusar—Rs.2,590
  • Islamabad to Gilgit—Rs.3,000
  • Islamabad to Hunza—Rs.3,500

Presently the bus services are only operating only one time daily and depart from Islamabad at 1 am.

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For the tourists who want to travel to the Northern areas from Lahore, Faisal Movers has also an executive plus service available with the following rates:

  • Lahore-Naran
  • Lahore to Babusar
  • Lahore to Hunza
  • Lahore to Gilgit

The new service by Faisal Movers is a welcoming change since no reputable bus service was running on these routes earlier. With the announcement of the private bus service on these routes, we would for sure be seeing its competition also operating on these routes soon.

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