Fair & Lovely Skin Cream to Change its Brand Name

It has been announced by Unilever Pakistan that taking a step forward in the evolution of its skincare portfolio, it will rebrand the flagship brand Fair & Lovely.

In order to create an inclusive vision of beauty, the company will not use the word ‘Fair’ in the brand name ‘Fair & Lovely’. After taking necessary regulatory approval, the new name will be announced.

The advertising of Fair & Lovely has evolved in the last decade to give a message of women empowerment. The vision of the brand is to create a holistic approach to beauty that cares for the people and is inclusive and diverse for everyone. Thus the brand wishes to celebrate and value all the skin tones.

Back in 2019, the marketing of the brand focused more on having healthy skin with glow, even tone, skin clarity, and radiance rather than having fair, white, and skin lightening skin.

Also, Unilever Pakistan has withdrawn all the visuals or words on the packaging of Fair & Lovely that indicated a fairness-led transformation which also included removing the dual-faced cameo depicting shade transformation, as well as the shade guides.

It is high time to take such steps as a person’s skin tone does not define how talented, smart, or beautiful that person is. Thus our marketing should be more responsible.

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