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Fahad Mustafa Had A Crush on Iman Ali Until He Met Her

Fahad Mustafa

Fahad Mustafa, the actor, producer and host have recently in one of his interviews has said and discussed a lot of things, which includes his silence on the controversial topic of Khalil ur Rehman, rumours about his change of complexion and his crushes.

Fahad began talking about his to-come future projects with Mahira Khan, after which the host asked about his silence on the controversial statements made by Khalil ur Rehman. The show host asked him if his silence was because he was doing a project with the writer.

He responded that he only knows Khalil ur, Rehman, as a writer, he cannot do anything about the personal opinions of any person and he does not think that he needs anyone to do anything about them. He further added that he tries to remain quiet and said that it is not important to comment on everything.

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He then indicated that things should be discussed and talked about Amanullah sahab’s death.

When he was asked that whether he had a crush on any co-star, he revealed that he did on Vaneeza Ahmed and he does till date. He also confessed that she is also in one of his projects and whenever he talks to her, it brings a weird smile on his face.

He also indicated that he had a crush on popular model Iman Ali until he met her. He said that he had a crush on her but until he met her. After making the statement he raised both his hands in an apologetic manner and he and host both enjoyed a good laugh and moved on to the next question.

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