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Facts About Pakistan That Needed A Reminder

Tired of Pakistani channels making you believe how unsafe your country is. Weary of hearing about how sick your political system is and how your country is drowning with no escape route available. Well if you need to revive your patriotism read these facts about your country. Half of them you may already know but everyone needs a reminder.

·         Pakistan has the largest volunteer ambulance service that was introduced by Godfather of humanity, Abdul Sattar Edhi. Edhi Foundation has more than 500 ambulances all around Pakistan.

·         Pakistan is the fourth largest cotton producing industry in the whole world

·         Pakistan ‘1 billion tree tsunami project’ in era of deforestation is quite an achievement as Pakistan’s KPK province has successfully planted 1 billion trees in the province

·         You can never doubt the patriotism of Pakistani nation as the people of this nation created the largest human national flag in 2012.

·         Arfa Kareem became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at age of nine in 2004, making her nation proud.

·         Pakistanis are proud of Pakistan’s defense system and undoubtedly so as Pakistan has one of the biggest armies around the world.

·         Pakistan has the biggest irrigation system in the world, with three large dams, 85 small dams and around 20 barrages

·         Pakistan is the first Islamic State that became a nuclear power

·         The largest deep sea port is found in Pakistan, Gwadar

·         K2 the highest peak connecting Pakistan to China is called World’s highest paved international Road”  and is also considered as the Eighth Wonder of the World

·         50% of the world’s footballs are made in Pakistan. These footballs are also used in FIFA World Cup

·         Pakistan’s national anthem is right at the top, making it the most patriotic anthem around the world           

·         Pakistan is rich in history as well at it contains remains of the oldest civilization around the world, Mohenja Daro

This might just diminish the voices of those telling you that your country is not secure be it other nations or your own media channels. 

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